My name is Sven Lind and I am currently working as VFX-artist at Lionbite.


I have always had an interest in graphics, art and aesthetics, but my fascination has often circulated around the purely technical, rather than the artistic expression. This, combined with a lifelong interest in games in various shapes led to my application to the Technical Artist program at The Game Assembly. I feel that the place between artists and technology is perfect for me.

The Technical Artist program was very diverse and included everything from scripting and shaders to rigging and the technical aspects of animation. I was first and foremost interested in shaders and materials, I especially liked to produce realistic material of the more mundane type, glass, snow or other materials with specific properties. I also developed my skills in perhaps the primary task of the technical artist profession, allowing graphic artists to be creative without being hampered by complicated technology. To explain and simplify the graphics by listening and observing where bottlenecks are and then fix the problems in the easiest possible way. This have been usefull skills since I started working, and i often find myself “translating” the discussions between programmers and graphical artists.
I have been work at Lionbite since january 2016, before that I completed my six month long internship at the same company. I have worked on the game Rain of Reflections, a cyberpunk, story focused, role playing game. I am the only VFX-artist working on the project and have ownership of the whole VFX-pipeline.
I prefer working with more “ambient” effects such as rain, fog or dust and I think my skills reflect this. My strenghts lie mainly in atmospheric and detailed effects rather than the explosive and fast ones. That doesnt mean I can’t make a nice explosion from time to time and that side of VFX is very fun as well.
What i really appreciate about this field is how diverse skills lets you approach a problem from different angles. Scripting skills lets you handle particle systems in new ways and shader authoring expand the possibilites even more.
Though my work at Lionbite is mainly focused on VFX i routinely work with very different taks such as optimization, profiling, the technical aspects of lightning solutions, materials, tools and pipeline issues.



Autodesk Maya – experienced user
Unity Engine – experienced user
Unreal Engine 4 – experienced user
Web development (html, css, php) – experienced user
Adobe Photoshop – experienced user
C# scripting – basic user
Shader authoring – basic user (mainly through node based editors in Unity and Unreal)
Python / PyMel – basic skills
Houdini FX – basic skills


Check out my LinkedIn profile if you are interested.

Here is my CV

I can be reached at sven.olof.lind@gmail.com



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